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As a Christian counselor and graduate with an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, I regard the Christian worldview and Biblical truth as essential in a counseling setting.  I also consider secular theories, assumptions, concepts, and techniques and use them through CBT, DBT, Multisystems Model, and Family Systematic Approach in my practice.

     As a therapist, wife, and mother, I believe in practicing therapy by emphasizing personal empowerment, insight, growth, and personal responsibility.   Over the past thirty years of learning and experiencing marriage and family dynamics, I have come to a personal conviction as a Christian counselor to help couples in conflict and in communication in their marriage and their families, as well as to help individuals overcome their anxiety, depression, addictions, etc... and make changes in their lives using many biblical perspectives- including insight, love, grace, and motivation. 

     Our conflicts with one another as well as within ourselves in our marriages and within our families arise often because each member carries his or her own family of origin, beliefs and values, and culture into their dynamics.  As a Christian counselor, I assist individuals in making changes that can promote healing, adaptation, acceptance, and adjustment in their lives. 

     No one can fathom the grace and the love of God as well as the power and the forgiveness of God.  Jesus has overcome the wages of sin; He has paid in full for sinners’ ransom.  It is finished.  The victory may be possible for anyone who is struggling with addictions, depression, and eating disorders- the stronghold has no room in His presence.  As a Christian mental health therapist, I know that God is Sovereign. He is the Healer and Restorer.  It is possible to treat the symptoms of depression and other issues using theories, techniques, and tools.  As a Christian counselor, I also ponder how to reach out to those with hurting souls and broken hearts.

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